Homeopathy for the Home Prescribers

Homeopathy for the Home Prescribers

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We shall start right at the beginning, Looking at the principles of Homeopathy, what it is and the law of cure.  Moving to discuss the differences between acute and chronic conditions before opening a Helios remedy box and talking about the Most widely used remedies

we will aim to discuss 4- 6remedies a week. 

Working through the Helios 18 box 

This 4 week Zoom course  will also be informative for anyone who has been using homeopathy for a long time and would like to know more.

 Likewise if you’ve never used Homeopathy and have an inquisitive mind and wish to know more this is also a great day for you.

Creating a solid foundation for using Homeopathy in the home.

This course is 2 hours a week for 4 weeks at 7pm on A Wednesday Evening, 12th & 19th April, 3rd & 10th May

if you would prefer another time please get in touch and let me know, if I get enough requests for other times I shall make them available. 

Price is £60 payable upfront. 

5 places have to be sold to run this workshop. 


You may use to gem vouchers for this.

Much love Elle.x