Who We Are

Hi there - thanks for stopping by...😀


I’m Elle, the proprietor of Crystals by Serendipity and also of Serendipity Mind, Body, Soul the Wellbeing Hub in Honiton, Devon from where I and a lovely group of talented specialists offer a range of Holistic Treatments.

I'm a 40 something, wife to the awesome Dave, mother of 4 amazing and rapidly growing kids and dog warden to 2 daft Dobermans. The 8 of us make up the Serendipity team that you'll see doing crazy things in our Crystal Cave most weeks over on our Facebook Page.

Day to day I'm supported by my husband and our wonderful daughters Oceana and Indigo. Together they ensure things run smoothly throughout the whole process of the initial sourcing of the Crystals, the unpacking, the pricing, communicating with customers and of course lovingly packaging and sending the beautiful crystals to their new guardians.

I love Life, Crystals, Mother Earth, Friendship, Devon, Trees, Italy, My Family, Eating Well and Red Wine - in no particular order!

Sometimes I think I am a Goddess! 

I'm a qualified Homeopath and Reiki Master Teacher and have been using both personally for many, many years - and of course I am a passionate believer in the Healing Powers of Crystals. 

Throughout my childhoodI I found 'Rocks' fascinating and have collected them for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always found crystals whilst out on walks, Orange Calcite,  Clear Quartz,  you name it, crystals always seem to appear in front of me! I honestly love all crystals and have a profound affinity with them.  

As far as working with Crystals goes, I've always done that intuitively. I don’t have any formal training with Crystal Healing - everything I’ve learnt and deploy now within our family and for clients has been developed over time and through my personal, lifelong passion for Crystals and what they offer.

Now it's my personal pleasure to share that passion with more and more like minded people, not least through Crystals by Serendipity.

Serendipity (noun) means "the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way".

It happens when you keep your eyes and your mind open - and now that you've chanced upon Crystals by Serendipity we truly hope that you'll want to come on the Serendipitous Journey with us.

💜 Elle 💜