Sizes & Colours

When ordering anything from our range of Printed to Order Merchandise eg Clothing, Beach Towels etc please:-

1. Check your order very carefully against the sizing chart for the product to ensure that you're ordering the correct size.

As a small business we cannot afford to replace items because of mis-ordered sizes so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take care when ordering to check you are ordering the size you require appropriately - be that for you or as a gift for someone else. All the measurements are there for you to make this easy. We suggest you find a favourite jumper or t-shirt and measure against that to be sure you are getting the right size. Not only does the return of items in these circumstances affect our profitability it is a waste of the Earth's precious resources. We are not a 'fast fashion' label where items are ordered, tried on and returned - please take this into consideration and remember that we are a small independent 'Earth Conscious and Earth Loving' business offering quality products using quality materials. 

So PLEASE think carefully before you order items which are Printed to Order and if you have any queries please contact us here before ordering.

N.B. Notwithstanding the above, we 100% will respect your consumer rights to return items you've bought online within 14 days for any reason and if they are defective or faulty.

2. Be aware that the Colours of the printed products may vary from those Mock-Ups or Photos which you see on your phone or computer screen. Screen images tend to be significantly sharper and brighter.