Homeopathy with Elle Welch LLCH
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Homeopathy for me is as essential as air and I have always dreamed of being a Homeopath. 

My dream became a reality after I graduated in 2013 from my 4 year Licentiate at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy and immediately set up my own practice. Since then I have completed many further studies and have developed special, personal interests in Women's Health, Mental Wellness and Autism in all ages.
I have therefore been working closely with clients for the last 11 years, helping & empowering them to tackle many issues, across the spectrum of physical, mental & emotional ailments. From Eczema to Menopause & Migraines to Hay Fever.
Homeopathy is a beautiful system of medicine and relies upon me as the Practitioner and my Clients working together closely based upon open lines of communication which enable me to develop a full understanding of underlying issues, which sometimes are concealed beyond the obvious.

Almost any complaint can benefit from a Homeopathic, holistic approach. Holistic means, taking in to account the mental and emotional symptoms, as well as physical and social aspects.

To get to the point where I can understand this full picture and to enable me to propose a personal treatment plan the first step is to have a thorough consultation, during which I explore with my clients each of the aspects outlined above.

I have helped people for many years with various chronic conditions such as Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep issues, Hormone imbalance, Behavioural issues, Gut problems and Skin condition.

My support has also helped people to recover more quickly, and with fewer complications, from injury, acute ailments, necessary surgery, anaesthesia and to cope better through chemotherapy.

I have been privileged to work successfully with people of all backgrounds and all ages, from ante-natal to end of life care. From playground ailments to middle age crisis. I have supported many people through births and many people through grief.

Additionally Elle has helped people to recover more quickly, and with fewer complications, from injury, acute ailments, necessary surgery, anaesthesia and chemotherapy.


For a free, no obligation 20 minute chat to discuss how Homeopathy may be able to help you, or to book a consultation please contact me (Elle).

Consultations  can be via Telephone / Facetime / Zoom etc.

Full consultation: 90 minutes - 2 hours £80.00

Follow-up: 30 - 45 minutes £50.00

Acute consultation: 15 minutes £20.00


Client Testimonials

"I came to Elle asking for help with my chronic condition; fibromyalgia. Elle made me feel really comfortable, never judged me and I felt very at ease discussing my life history. After an indepth chat, I was given my remedies. Within 2 months I noticed a huge difference in my ability to walk pain free. Usually after 5 mins the pain would kick in, which would only get worse the further I walked. But after just 2 months, it took about 20 mins, and now 9 months on, it's anything between 1-2 hours! In fact, pain doesn't affect me much these days, only when I overdo things. That's no pain in any of my limbs or joints - it's overwhelming how much homeopathy improved my health. And to think I dismissed the idea 1-2 years earlier, as I just didn't understand it. I can only highly recommend Elle, her knowledge is endless and she is a very kind and beautiful person."


"I have had a few Homoeopathy remedies from Elle for various reasons, she is very helpful and the remedies have worked very well. Highly recommended Thank you."