Empowerment With Elle

Empowerment With Elle

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Would you like to be the best version of yourself?

🫶 Are you feeling a little, lost, stuck, tired, stagnant, directionless, flat? 
🤷‍♀️Are you finding that you just don't know how to start shifting all this?
🙌Are you ready to raise those Vibrations & step in to your bright shining light?

🌈Let me Empower you, Guide you, Support you.

Through these tailor made 1-1 Empowerment sessions I will help you create space & direction to get those vibes raising, that light shining & abundance flowing.

Each session will involve a consultation, where we discuss where you are, mentally, emotionally & physically, we will talk about where you are, where you  would like to be & what you would like to change. You can choose from a one-off, 

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly session.

I shall then work with you via a variety of different Manifestation techniques, Meditations, Breathing exercises, Lifestyle,  Dietary & Nutritional suggestions, Crystals to work with, Grounding techniques, Energy Work, Journalling prompts, Listening suggestions  & Movement  that are best suited to you and your lifestyle, building, your confidence, self worth & value. I'll Guide you, you have to put in the work!

Every single session with every single person will differ as everyone has different needs & experience. I will not be giving medical advice, as i am not a Doctor & if you need medical advice you should seek this from a professional.

Sessions Last 1 hour and are on Zoom or Phone. Monday-Friday 10-4pm & Wednesday's until 7pm.

A Personalised  email with all suggestions, prompts & links will be sent after each session.

The Investment is £50 per Session