The Platinum Goddess Crystal Advent Calendar £200

The Platinum Goddess Crystal Advent Calendar £200

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This calendar is a beautiful eclectic mix of everything that sums up serendipity. You will get in this calendar 25 days of beautiful Crystal gifts just for you.

Items from the list below are those  that may be included, but not limited to. 

🎄Tumble stones,

🎄Rough crystals,



🎄Mini Merkabahs,


🎄Small spheres,


🎄Selenite wands,



🎄Palm Stones

🎄Medium Spheres






🎄Large Spheres

🎄Large Towers

🎄Large Carvings

🎄Agate / Rose Quartz, Selenite, Orange Calcite or 6-8kg Salt Lamp

🎄Sage / Palo Santo

On day 25 of course there will be an extra special gift of  a larger Item. 

Please Note We will Email you after your purchase to find out if there are any favourite crystals, ones to avoid, or anything you are really hoping for, Also to ask about Lamp style or if you would like a surprise, Or even if you would Prefer a very large value crystal item instead of a lamp. Each calendar is made to order and we will intuitively make it specially for you.