The Chakra Crystal Club

The Chakra Crystal Club

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We will be meeting once a week for 4 weeks working through our crystals and our chakras.

Monday 27th March, 3rd, 10, 17th April 


How we  can our work with our crystals at each area of the 7 main chakras.

 Over the course of the weeks we shall be looking at :

programming crystals

working with intention

using crystals for healing various emotional imbalance, such as anger, anxiety and grief

We should be looking at how to use crystals to increase powers of prosperity and abundance in all areas of life such as happiness, relationships and of course wealth and money.

We will be creating our own crystal water. (You will get to choose from my crystals for this and I will provide all equipment)

And of course we shall be putting all of our learning together to manifest with our wonderful crystals.

working through different emotions, feelings, physical symptoms.. 

we will discuss different crystals and their uses and how we each work with them differently.

a fully interactive Zoom workshop. 

You may use vouchers for this workshop