Subscription Box May Base Chakra

Subscription Box May Base Chakra

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🌈 Let’s Take a journey through each Chakra.🌈

Each month for  7 months you will be taken on an Expansive  & Magical Journey through our  7 main Chakras, how to work with them, heal, cleanse and vitalise using a wide range of goodies. The items will vary each month Depending on chakra, but we will be using, fragrance, crystals, candles, herbs, natural remedies, Oils, well-being products, houseware, musical instruments, craft items etc. you will always get value for your money with each box, and each box will take a different aspect. 

You box will be delivered from 15th -28th of each month and Will be packed full of Information, Meditations, Mantras, Affirmations and a monthly Zoom group catch up, Which will include a chakra related meditation. (this will be on a Monday evening once a month) 

the boxes will be 

Base : May

Sacral : June

Solar Plexus : July

Heart: August

Throat: September 

3rd Eye: October 

Crown : November 


any questions please drop me a message ❤️