Soundbath & Guided Meditation Monday 13th November

Soundbath & Guided Meditation Monday 13th November

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 🌈 Please Join us for a beautiful Evening of Guided meditation and sound bath.  Enjoy the sound and vibrations of the gongs, Crytstal & Brass Singing bowls wash through you giving you time and space to connect to peace and calm that lies within you. 


 ⭐️ £10 per person , Bring your (yoga) mat, blanket, water, pillow, eye-mask and anything else that will make you cosy, warm and comfortable!

 We will be at Broadhembury Village Hall which is a stunning location and there is plenty of parking and fully accessible.

Monday 13th November 

7-8 pm  

Please arrive 6:45 

if you have transportation difficulties please get in touch as I may be able to link you with someone to car share. 


 Sound healing is a unique experience. It’s Wonderfully restorative and deeply relaxing, the experience nourishes on many levels as the sound vibrations bring the brain to a state of calm and soothe the nervous system. Your body and mind return to a place of rest, allowing you to retune, relax and reboost. 

Many studies have been made of the benefit of sound therapy, for both physical and emotional health. 

 The Sound vibrations of these beautiful instruments create a deep and beautiful sound healing experience giving us the chance to let go of our anxiety and worries and perhaps allow in some new uplifting, healing and gentle energies. 

However it’s not suitable for everyone & if you have had major surgery in the last 6 weeks, or wears a pacemaker and anyone who suffers from fits (epileptics), or anyone who is extremely sensitive to sound.  They are also not recommended for women in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the unstable nature of pregnancy during that time. If you wear a hearing aid, your device should be turned off during the session.