Customer Rewards & Refer a Friend

We're truly grateful for every purchase every one of our Customers makes. And so we're very happy to offer our Customer Rewards and Refer a Friend scheme where we look to express that gratitude in a tangible way.
The scheme allows you to accumulate Crystal Club 'Gem' Points each time you make a purchase and whenever you refer a friend (who signs up to an account) and when you celebrate your birthday.
The 'Gem' Points can be redeemed against a wide choice of Rewards from £££ OFF, %% OFF, FREE Shipping and FREE Crystals and Merchandise.
Quite simply, the more you spend on our website, the more Rewards you'll be able to redeem.
NB - Only One Reward Can Be Used Per Checkout Against A Single Item.


1. How To Participate In The Rewards Scheme
1. If you haven't already set up an account create one by clicking one the Rewards Widget (bottom left of your screen)
2. On the next screen you'll be able to click through to create your account - you can also see how you can earn 'Gem' Points
3. After you've set up your account and replied to the confirmation email we send you click back on the Rewards Icon and you'll see a summary and 3 Buttons: which when clicked show you
a) How to earn 'Gem' Points 
b) The full list of Rewards available 
By clicking this button you'll see all the Rewards you can claim now and all those for which you need to accumulate more 'Gem' Points
When you are ready to redeem a Reward click 'Redeem Reward' and then 'Yes'
Next Click 'OK'
From the next screen you have the choice to either 'Copy (the Discount Code) to Clipboard' so that you can paste it later on into the box at Checkout.
Or if you're ready to claim your Reward now you can click 'Apply' and the code will be applied automatically when you reach checkout with the relevant product.
By clicking 'Apply' you'll be taken to our website Homepage from where you can find the Reward you've chosen, add it to your cart and take it through to checkout at which point you'll see that the Discount has been applied - and you'll see our commitment again to refunding you the cost of postage immediately afterwards.
The same principles apply to all types of Rewards.
If you have any queries or difficulties please email us here

2. How To Refer A Friend
From the initial Rewards screen select this option:
Click 'Share LInk' then from the following screen either copy the link to an email or select one of the other options to share via social channels.
N.B.  the link takes your friends to our Homepage so You will need to explain in your message what you are sharing and why eg 'I love this Crystals website and thought you might too - if you create an account then both you and I will get 100 Reward 'Gem' Points'
Sorry that this is a bit 'lumpy'. We will be looking to make it more user friendly as soon as possible. 
If you have any queries or difficulties please email us here
💜 Elle 💜